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Custom Retreats

Awanita Valley is more than just a Christian camp in South Carolina; we are the perfect place to bring your group for a retreat!

Programmed Events

Register today to experience a weekend of worship, talented speakers, and breakout sessions that focus on challenging and encouraging each student

Outdoor Recreation

Enjoy activities including trail walks, horseback riding, lakefront games, and a Hummer ride to our own lookout mountain with views of 3 states.

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Awanita Valley is a non-denominational Christian camp and retreat center located near Marietta, South Carolina. We serve youth, children, and adult groups throughout the southeast and beyond by offering adventure and personal guest experience through our caring staff and facilities. We specialize in group based summer camps, school year conferences, and custom retreats. 

Come and check us out! You can set up a free tour or book your next event by calling 864-836-3956

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