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Programmed Conferences 


Apologetics Weekend

$157 per person


Your students are presented with dozens of options about who to follow and what to believe every day. They must decide what is true and who to trust when encountering ideas online or in person. Apologetics Weekend gives your students the information, time and resources to think about what they believe. 


Teaching sessions, worship time and discussion groups will give them a chance to unpack everything from big questions to personal views through the lens of Biblical truth. 


On top of that, there are so many opportunities for fun and adventure for your group at Awanita Valley! Book your spots today to help your students find the truth that shapes their lives for the work God has planned for them!

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Foundation Boy's Conference!

$157 per person


Foundation Weekend at Awanita Valley is a conference you and your boys will not want to miss! Over this weekend at Awanita Valley, your group will take part in discussion groups, hands-on learning, and adventure. Hummers, horseback trail rides, and tons of personal growth are waiting for your students! 

College Weekend.jpg

College Weekend

$157 per person


Your time in college is a special, exciting season.  This time can also be overwhelming.  Keeping up with your classwork is important and investing in community is a must!  Sometimes you just need a getaway so you don't burn out.

College Weekend is a time designed to allow rest, connection and encouragement for college-aged people. Our speakers, worship sessions and discussion groups will lead students through conversations designed to help refocus their minds on their connection with the Lord. 

Take the break you need and join others like you for a weekend at Awanita Valley. You can register today as an individual or with a group. 

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