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Our Team

Brent - staff.jpg


Executive Director

Meet Brent Wood, our Executive Director at Awanita. Formerly a vital contributor to Look Up Lodge, Brent's dedication to discipleship propels our shared journey, uniting us toward a common goal. Rarely found at his desk, Brent thrives on getting in the mix, orchestrating projects to seamlessly come together—a true hands-on leader in every sense.

Shannon - staff.jpg


Office Administrator

Introducing Shannon Clayton, our Office Administrator at Awanita. As the welcoming voice when you call camp, Shannon not only keeps us organized but also brings years of invaluable service to our team—a true gift to us all.

Caleb - staff.jpg


Guest Experience Coordinator

Meet Caleb Boone, our Guest Experience Coordinator at Awanita. While new to his role, Caleb brings a lifetime of experience in camp ministry. Trust him to tailor your group's experience to perfection—from pre-arrival preparations to ensuring a seamless stay throughout.

Dan - staff.jpg


Operations Specialist

Meet Dan Armstrong, our Operations Specialist at Awanita. Whether behind the wheel of a hummer, operating a backhoe, servicing a vehicle, or preparing a meal, Dan's versatility knows no bounds. His enormous heart for guest care ensures that whatever the need, Dan will be there, dedicated to making your experience exceptional.

Jim - staff.jpg

Jim DeHart

Food Service Manager

Meet Jim Dehart, our Food Service Manager at Awanita. Drawing from his background in the military and hospitality industry, Jim ensures that each mealtime is a well-thought-out experience for our guests. Enjoy a culinary journey guided by Jim's expertise and care.

Steve - staff.jpg


Director of Operations

Meet Steve Clayton, our Director of Operations at Awanita. With years of dedicated service, Steve's profound knowledge of the camp and unwavering commitment to service make him an invaluable member of our team.

Amanda - staff.jpg


Director of Guest Experience 

Introducing Amanda Wood, our Director of Guest Experience at Awanita. With a heart for organization and hospitality, Amanda excels in caring for the teams dedicated to our guests. In her role, she not only ensures seamless guest experiences but also plays a pivotal role in preparing our Summer Staffers, guiding their discipleship and development as they care for our summertime guests.

Adam - staff , use this one.jpg


Leader Care Coordinator

Introducing Adam Grace, Our Leader Care Coordinator at Awanita. With several years of dedicated service, Adam has transitioned into a role that aligns perfectly with his passion for caring for our guests. Adam is your go-to person for building relationships with our leaders - committed to supporting your ministry journey before, during, and after your stay

Luke - staff, use this one.jpg


Natural Resource Manager

Introducing Luke Huskey, our Natural Resource Manager at Awanita. With early morning starts, Luke's meticulous care for our grounds is unparalleled. Whether tending to the vibrant flowerbeds or maintaining the neatly mowed fields, Luke is dedicated to ensuring a picturesque and welcoming environment for our guests.

Anna - staff.jpg

Anna Grace

Food Service Coordinator

Introducing Anna Grace, our dedicated and kind-hearted Food Service Coordinator. Anna ensures our food service staff remains organized and efficient, all while providing exceptional care for our guests in the kitchen. Her warmth and compassion make her an invaluable part of our team.

Tisha - staff (3).jpg

Tisha Armstrong

Guest Experience Specialist

Meet Tisha Armstrong, our dynamic Guest Experience Specialist. Tisha is the creative mind and hospitable face behind The Outpost, ensuring our store  runs smoothly. She has a deep love for all the trinkets and treasures we offer, making each guest's visit truly special.

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